A gamified crypto currency lending program

Create an alias and view lending stats on real time leaderboards.
Level up to earn rewards and become eligible to compete in weekly and monthly lending contests.

On top of the CapX coins you earn from mining, you will also be rewarded with “Caps;” Caps are a unique incentive that can be earned simply by participating in the Capital Expanse Platform

Each set of “Caps” will have it’s own specified value which can be used for lending and purchasing mining contracts.

Caps will have a starting value of 1$, as you advance through the level system, the value of Caps earned will increase. with each re-invest you do, you will be eligible to Receive reward “loot boxes” that will contain an unspecified/surprise amount of Caps.

It gets better, for each person you refer into Capital Expanse with an active loan you will receive an additional increase of .0005% per payout up to .5%.

Leveling up is easy, you don’t have to get referrals to be a winner in our program; simply re-invest CapXcoins or Caps to level up. Check out the chart below to see a detailed layout of our level system:

Free Rewards

Everytime you re-invest, you could receive a bonus reward chest containing a random amount of Caps of any rarity bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond or moon caps. Please refer to the whitepaper for a complete rundown of our rewards program.

Terms of early withdrawal

CapX offers a number of options for withdrawing your investment. You can even withdraw early with a small fee.

What ever amount of CapX coins that you lend, you will receive back at the end of your loan, no matter the value. You will be paid interest on the value of the initial USD investment and whatever re-invests you make there-after.

Cap Rewards are supplemental bonuses for the lending program and will expire at the end of the term. They cannot be withdrawn early or returned at the end of the loan.

PLEASE NOTE: Users who opt to withdraw their investments early will only be eligible to receive back USD in the lesser amount of the following: 1. the dollar amount at the initial time of lending. 2. The value of total CapX coins lent at the time of withdraw.

We have designed the withdrawal system in this way to encourage users to make smart investments within our platform. We understand that emergencies do happen and the need to withdraw funds may become necessary, at the end of the day, it is your money, and you will always have access to it if the need becomes imminent.

The principle deposit can be optionally withdrawn after 72 hours have passed, please note: a 20% fee will be applied for early withdraw of principle prior to the completion of the CD plan. Interest is only paid if there is an active deposit, only a miners fee will be applied to withdrawal of daily interest payouts. Minimum withdrawal amount is 0.0005 BTC. All withdrawals are instant. Once you make a deposit, interest will begin accruing 24 hours from the time of deposit. There is no limit on deposits.