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A safe and secure way to invest in the crypto market. Capital Expanse provides a platform for investors to expand their Crypto portfolios passively.
Take advantage of a mulititude of income streams to increase cashflow and achieve your passive income goals.

We don’t believe in setting unrealistic expectations, instead our focus is on stable, secure, and sustainable investments in the crypto market.

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Optional Early Withdrawal

The principle deposit can be optionally withdrawn after 72 hours have passed, please note: a 20% fee will be applied for early withdraw of principle prior to the completion of the Investment plan. Interest is only paid if there is an active deposit, only a miners fee will be applied to withdrawal of daily interest payouts. Minimum withdrawal amount is 0.0005 BTC. All withdrawals are instant. Once you make a deposit, interest will begin accruing 24 hours from the time of deposit. There is no limit on deposits.