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ICO Payout Calendar

The CPX ICO will consist of a Pre-sale and 10 rounds spread over 20 days. Our presale will start January 4th and will have a supply of 2 million coins. During the ICO we will be selling 6 million coins distributed from January 11th-20th.

Optional Early Withdrawal

Withdrawal will be unlocked once the ico has completed.

The principle deposit can be optionally withdrawn after 72 hours have passed (only once the ico has completed), please note: a 20% fee will be applied for early withdraw of principle prior to the completion of the Investment plan. Interest is only paid if there is an active deposit, only a miners fee will be applied to withdrawal of daily interest payouts. Minimum withdrawal amount is 0.0005 BTC. All withdrawals are instant. Once you make a deposit, interest will begin accruing 24 hours from the time of deposit. There is no limit on deposits.

The ICO Pre-Sale will be available for purchase on January 4th.

Earn 10% referral commission from ICO purchases.

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