We stand by every bit of content that we create within the CapX white paper and on the website. We are 100% plagerize free. Please feel free to source any or all of our content.
CapX coin is a digital currency that can be exchanged for goods and services globally, it will mainly fuction as the conduit for cashflow within the capital expanse platform.
To participate in the ICO you must first register for an account on capitalexpanse.net. From there you may login to our back office and deposit BTC into your account for purchase of the CapX coin when the ICO begins.
You must comply with your local laws when joining the platform. Platform is not open to US Citizens. Capital Expanse does not store any geo info on you.
Depending on demand we will increase or decrease the max buy, we will do our best to make sure everyone who deposits bitcoin into their account is able to purchase. We are looking to achieve a fair and even distribution of the coin with as little frustration as possible.
If you need a password reset simply do it through our email system. If you lose access to 2fa, there will be a 1 one week account freeze set so that you can regain access to your account; this is to assure you can safely recover your email in the event of a hack on either ends. we highly recommend using 2fa. If you cannot regain access to your account simply contact our account support email, we will happily assist in regaining access to your account. We will not be able to help you if you lose access to the email tied to your account.
Our servers are currently set up to handle a traffic load of about 50K users at one time. As the ICO countdown approaches zero we will acess the volume and amount of users registered at that time and scale our servers as needed. We have a team with a strong background in network engineering on standby to ensure the ICO process runs smooth.
All referral commissions will be paid out in USD/BTC at the end of the ICO.

Our main objective is to create value on the Capital Expanse platform by way of the CapX coin. We have set target prices for the CapX coin throughout our roadmap. One of the main ways we plan to do this is by creating an even playing field for investors to buy the coin. By keeping whales off the platform during the ICO stage we are negating a potential mass sell off post-ICO when the internal exchange launches.

We stand by every claim we make within our website and whitepaper 100%. The validity in these claims will ultimately be the deciding factor in the success of the Capital Expanse platform and CapX coin. We feel that the reputation of CapX – or any other crypto currency project for that matter – hinges greatly on the ability to deliver upon the statements we make. We are not asking for your trust, we are just simply saying that we are here to deliver an unrivaled product with an unmatched reputation for reliability and longevity in the crytpo space, that is our word.
We feel that the Lending, although often viewed as a ponzi model, is actually an essential part of any investment platform backed by a coin, and a key factor in creating value for said coin. Not only that, but it is a great opportunity for those looking to create supplemental income.
you decide.
We are people just like you, with an incredible passion and desire to see crypto currency succeed in the real world. We are a tight knit group comprised of venture capitalists, full stack developers, marketing engineers, financial advisers, and data analysts. The only reason we choose to remain anonymous for now is due to current/future regulation in the crypto space that could ultimately lead to the loss and or seizure of investments and assets. Protecting your “ass”ets and the assets of our stake holders is our highest concern.
We are aware that there are already projects that are implementing this concept into their crypto, however, crypto currency is an emerging technology. Just as the ethereum protocol came to be, so has neo, etp, icon.. etc. We are not looking to compete directly with any crypto project in the space, our only goal is to add value to it, and aid in mass adoption.
We plan to stay relevant by creating a reputation for reliability and sustainability. As you may already know, many ICO’s have resulted in scams or failed projects. Our core investors are venture capitalists, and they have already achieved some of the highest levels of wealth. To put it simply, no one on the back end of Capital Expanse has a greedy mindset-All of our eyes are set on authentic and sustainable growth. We will be rolling out a handful of unique offerings and features through-out our roadmap that will bring value and give opportunity for you -our investors- to achieve your financial goals in the crypto currency space.
Ultimately it is you- the investor that is at the heart of our platform, and the key factor in making Capital Expanse a success. We are here to do everything in our power to make the process of joining and using the platform as easy and user friendly as possible, and our support team is standing by 24/7 to assist you with any issues or questions you may have. Email us at [email protected] Alternatively, you can reach us via social media. You can also submit a ticket through our support system once logged in.
We began the development of the CapX project in July of 2017.
We are attempting to shy away from the current unsustainable quick and often manipulated pump and dump model that is in place for lending ICO’s. It is our top priority to make Capital Expanse a sustainable investment system for years to come. It has become inherently obvious that a coin is an essential part of any investment platform, however, in the current model- we feel the value of the coin weighs too heavily on the platforms ability to succeed or fail. in order to avoid this “enigma”- we have devised a strategy to increase the value of the coin naturally overtime devoid of any shady tactics and price manipulations.
“Our mission is to Empower individuals globally in the crypto currency space by creating financial independence in what is being deemed as the largest transfer of wealth in history.”
Our mission is indicative of our title. We are a multi-level expanse system for all things financial and crypto. The opportunity to add value within our platform and within the crypto space is endless, and we will continue to do so over the coming months and years of our roadmap. We want to give everyone and anyone who wants financial independence the opportunity to achieve it. Join the expanse today.
01-04-2018 2 AM UTC/GMT