Our Roadmap

CapX will be in continuous development over the next 18 months. We want to share our development plans with the community include you in the process. Check out our path below.

  • December 30th
  • January 10th
  • January 19th
  • January 20th
    Complete overhaul of back office (Expected server down time)
  • January 30th
    Lending Begins
    • TARGET PRICE: 7$-12$
  • February 5th
    Windows Wallet Release
  • February 10th
    Block Explorer Launch & Internal Exchange Launch
  • February 16th
    First Airdrop: Bronze=1$ 1:1 for Lenders
  • February 20th
    CapX Coin Lottery Begins
  • February 27th
    Mining Contracts Available for purchase
  • March 1st
    CapX Lending Contest Begins - Grand Prize: Tesla Model S
    • TARGET PRICE: 20$
  • March 5th
    External exchange listing - No Exceptions
  • March 10th
    CapX Mining pool opens
  • March 14th
    Coin Market Cap Listing
    • TARGET PRICE: 30$
  • March 19th
    Development of Android/IOS app begins
  • March 26th
    Exchange Updates/Expected Server growth
    Planned 3 day Maintenance Period
  • March 30th
    Mobile Miner testing
  • April 1st
    First CapX Lending Contest Ends & Prizes distributed-
    • TARGET PRICE: 40$-50$
  • April 7th
    Launch Android/IOS app
  • April 16th
    Launch Mobile Miner Beta
  • April 20th
    Increase Outreach
    • TARGET PRICE: 50$-60$
  • April 23rd
    Marketing Campaigns for Mobile Miner
  • April 24th
    Youtube Contest prior 1 week prior
    to mobile miner launch
  • May 1st
    CapX Mobile Miner Launch
    • TARGET PRICE: 70$-80$