Our aim is simple: to build a sustainable environment in the Crypto space by encouraging healthy and conservative investment strategies.

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Our Method


Crypto Currency markets are in their infancy, pair this with the advancement of decentralized exchanges and reduced fee market places, and you have a prime setting for arbitrage limit trading.


Our trading script has been developed to utilize and execute a robust set of tasks and algorithms. We closely monitor and perform daily maintenance checks on our script.


We are constantly monitoring past/present data patterns in the cryptocurrency marketplace. Through backwards chaining and heuristics we are able to accurately predict new outcomes by identifying data trends that support evidence of a similar result. All of this is executed by artificially intelligent protocols at fractions of a second.


Make your devices work for you. All you have to do to start mining and earning in the crypto market is to download and run the CapX miner on your phone. Read on to find out more…

Feature Rich Platform

The CapX coin at it’s core is an advanced system for generating Cash Flow. Take advantage of every feature within Capital Expanse to become truly financially independent; Mine, Stake, Lend, trade, receive rewards and compete in weekly and monthly lending/mining contests and giveaways. It doesn’t stop here–CapX will be an ongoing project, as we grow and develop it is our aim to constantly add more features that can help you achieve your passive income goals.

CapX Coin Mobile Miner

We have begun developing our mobile mining application for android and iOS and will be launching it over the coming months of 2018, please refer to our Roadmap and Whitepaper for full details. It is being designed to integrate all features from the lending platform for a fully gamified mining and lending experience.

Gamified Platform

We have created a fully gamified lending and mining system. Earn rewards as you re invest and work your way up through the level system, receive bonus coins and incentives while you mine and stake CapX coin, and compete in weekly and monthly contests and leader boards. Please refer to our lending page for a full run down of the program.

a smart system to conservatively enter the crypto market

Tried and Trusted Payments

All of our payments and payouts are handled through secure services with a proven track record for safe and reliable transactions.
Utilizing the blockchain ensures your funds transfers are fully encrypted and backed by one of the largest payment processors in the crypto market.