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An all-in-one cash flow system: Lend, Mine, Stake, Trade. #Earn


Crypto Currency for the Masses. CapX will be one of the few coins to launch it’s own mobile miner. Earn CapX coins and rewards while running the CapX miner on your mobile device.


The CapX lending platform is unlike any other; Earn rewards, compete in lending contests, and recieve airdrops as you advance through the level system.

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CapX is more than just a lending platform; Take advantage of multiple streams of revenue to help you achieve your passive income goals. Let your money go to work for you.

A Cash Flow System designed for you

Something for everyone.

  • Earn up to 26% annually from staking
  • Receive rewards/air drops for holding coins
  • Mine from your Mobile device to earn CapX coins
  • Participate in Monthly Mining and Lending contests
  • Gamifed rewards for Lending and purchasing cloud mining contracts
  • Earn commission when you refer friends and family to Capital Expanse
  • Access your account at any time across multiple devices/platforms

What is Capx(CPX)?

2017: Capx coin is born.

Capx is a hybrid PoW/PoS decentralized cryptocurrency with a focus on privacy and security. It will also serve as the conduit for cashflow within the Capital Expanse Platform. Mine, Lend, Stake, Trade. #Earn.

Capx Specifications

Algorithm: Scrypt
Type: POW & POS
Coin Name: CapX
Coin abbreviation: CPX
Max Supply: 42 Million
Pre-mined: 10 Million
Coin base maturity: 40 blocks
POW block reward: 4 CPX
Block spacing: 2 minutes
Minimum Stake age: 2 Days
Maximum Stake age: 120 Days

The CPX Wallet

Public Release Coming Soon

Exchange Prospects

Capital Expanse plans to list CPX on the following exchanges after ICO completion. Please refer to our road map for more details.

Name & Symbol: CapX (CPX)

Estimated Launch Price: $7-$12


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